lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

A Photograph

This picture was taken by Juan Soto, a classmate, in the cafe of the “Teatro del Lago”, in Frutillar, just last year after the closing night concert we gave in that theater, because of the “Working week of Classical Guitar”. That was the first time I went to that city… it’s so small but really beautiful (and the best tarts I’ve tried are there).
In this picture appears a classmate from the university (the girl in glasses), a girl who studies in a city near to there, me and Patricia Dixon, a guitarist who gave us master classes in that opportunity.
I like this picture because all the women who participated in the course appear in it, but the most important one it’s Patricia. I found in her a wonderful woman. I think she shows us different possibilities of life with the music; she tries to open our minds to a new way to stand up in front of the instrument, and what’s more, she had the tact to talk with us and help us to find our virtues and how to fix our problems.
With her I really felt in confidence. I appreciated the opportunity of meeting her a lot.

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