jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

A free post..

Today I have to talk about a free item, so I’m going to talk about what I’ve done yesterday.
Like an usual Wednesday I’ve study guitar in the morning, after I’ve take my lunch, then I go on with the study, and then, nearly six in the afternoon, I went to the USACH to a classic concert. This time was a special one because a friend played with the orchestra.
He played the Flute Concert of Jacques Ibert, a French composer of the XX’s century. This is the only concert he had for the instrument, and the orchestra needs to be little, so it’s takes the name of Camera Orchestra.
The concert in general is beautiful and easy to hear; I’ve never had the opportunity to listen it before, but this time (I think) was the best first time. Always it’s nice to see someone making music, if is a friend it’s better, but when someone you know it’s playing with an orchestra it’s amazing. It was really exiting to see Vicente playing the concert yesterday, besides he played it extremely great, but also because you can see in 15 minutes the result of years of work. If you consider that, it gives you something to think about.
He played by memory, something really hard because you need a lot of concentration above all if it’s the first time you‘re playing with an orchestra, and also dedicates the concert to a teacher of him, now deceased.
Nothing more to said; congratulations for my friend Vicente, who played wonderful yesterday… I hope I can follow in his footstep.

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  1. I'd don't know this piece of work either. I'll try to find a recording.

  2. i'll try to get the recording with the flautist