domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

A country I would like to visit

A country… I’ve always wanted to visit no just A country, but many and in Europe. I have no idea why, but since I was a child I've had this wish.
I’ve always imagined myself traveling and living in countries like France, Germany, Portugal, England, Italy and in the lastes years, Spain.
I’ve always felt attracted by the architecture, the history and the culture… I can remember that in the school one of my favorite class was Universal History, and also I can remember that my sister’s favorite books was about the European culture and the bloody stories of the kings…
Some years ago, my sister with her husband went to live to Barcelona for two years; and a closer friend it’s living there too. They told me a lot about the culture and how the people live there; something that makes me ‘click’, was the cultural movement that had the people there. Maybe we have an interesting culture to visit too, but when I speak of music, I think always in European one, because we try to learn this language since the first note, and that it’s something we cannot deny. That is one of the reasons that make me wish to travel there, and Spain, because of the language I think maybe nearest to start knowing the Old Continent.

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