lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

About Hobbies

In the moment I can’t tell something in particular… in my free time I used to see movies on TV, play and watch videos on the internet, go out with my friends, to knit, etc…
Nevertheless, other years I have been taking classes of different types of dance.
When I was at school, I used to be part of the folklore group; later in high school, I became interested in Afro Dance. This is a hard kind of dance because you need a lot of control and, at the same time, relaxed movements… it’s really fun trying to learn it.
After that I started in classes of Flamenco; this is really a fun and passionate dance; also it’s hard, because you need control of your arms, legs, feet, expressions, and a lot of character too.
Then, when I was 20, I talked with a teacher in the dance school of the university, and I finally realized one of my deep dreams… Taking classes of Academic Technique or Classical Ballet; regretfully I could only practice this dance until last year because of the obligations of this year, however, I can truthfully say that just the opportunity of being able to do this was a reward for me.

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

One of my Favorite's movies: "Tous les Matins du Monde"

Like teacher Simon says, it's hard to find just one film to choose between all... but one I can allaws say that it's one of my favorites, it's "Tous les Matins du Monde" from the director Alain Corneau, made in 1991.
This film i'ts about Marin Marais, an important violist of the cort of Luis XIV; he reminds the hard years or learning with the Mr. of Saint Colombe. This man didn't writes nothing that he compossed, at the way that was used in that time, and had a particular form to theach: for him the music was in everithing.
The first time I saw it, I was with some friends in the house of my friend's boyfriend, when I was 15 years old, a warm day of fall, like today.
The reasons why i like it?
The performance, the plot, the photograph, the colors... the way so real when the music stop to be a job; when the search of the sence and feelins it's the aim.... you can realise how much i like this picture!
I think this movie showme one of the things that we can´t show to anyone about the sence of play music, because it's something you only can feel.
It's a slow, emotional and beautifull picture.

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

My earthquake experience

That day i was indesisive about go out or not -but be alone at home was less interesting- so i call a friend.
He ad a party with friends that at moment i just had seen once, but i'm no afraid about meet new people, so we go there.
In the party fortunately i found some people who talk and dance, friends of friends. At the moment it was fun. The house was nice and it was there's a lot of nice people too.
When everithing started i was dancing whith a friend salsa, and we didn't realised until someone yelled "it's shaking!" that moment we all were outside in the yard's house.
Everyone kept still; some people stayed under the grapevine, others and me stayed under the terrace, my friend with someone else stayed under a three... some one was near to the pool, so he got wet (after all pass, we all laugh of him).... all that things i can saw while it was shaking;
At that moment i was thinking "it's going to stop, be calm", but in one moment i realised that it didn't stop... then one guy started to yell "it's the end, this it's the end!" (i think it was the same one who give advice of the shake..) someones try to get calmed him.. we all saw that we couldn´t stay standing... now we were afraid.
In this moment i feared that the earth would open up... but then it started to stop.
I really thought it was only a shake... the ligth was off so someone brouth a car and turned on the radio... we all were listening... "the earthquake was grade 8"... i couldn't believe it!
We all were trying to call our family... my friend was desespered, because his parents were at that moment in Valparaiso with his little son. A friend of him was in the same situation.
Fortunaly they could talk whith them's familys after an hour.
My sister was with her family in my parent's house in Curicó. She called me and telled that all my family there was fine.
After an hour and a alf we decided to get back to hour houses.
In my house was all fine.. like nothing happened. Amazing.
After all, i just could realise that it was a really eathquake when the ligth come on and i could see the news..
For me just was a large shake...

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

My Favorite place to go out..

I really don't have a special place to go when i get tired of Santiago, but i do like to get out... and i don't matter what place. Nevertheless i do have my preferences... i like so much the beach especially when it's calm and with not many people, and i also like the south with the rain and the big green forests. I haven't the oportunity to know the north yet, but i don't like hot places so much ... so it doesn´t matter really.

In the week i usuall go for a walk with my sister's dog and i also go to the park to run, read or ride my bike... these thing relax me a lot.

so .. i think that i could like any place calm .