lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

Another free post...

This last weekend I've been invited to a weadding party.
My friend Tomas invited me to get with him to the party just on wednesday, and the party was on friday. I sayed yes becuase hi's my friend and I thaugth it could be fun, but I didn't have a dress or a coat to go... so on Tursday started the telephone crossing, to get the things just for same Friday afternoon.
After a large day, and running from a side to another, we've got to the party at 00.30.... we' were hungry at that time, but luky us! the desserts table was resently oppened... we ate a lot of cake, drink good wines (and some others drinks :P) and danced a lot... the party was really good.
We didn't know the groom but the bride was's sister of a closer Tomas friend... He inveted him.
So... thank's Javier to recieved us in your sister's weadding party!

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