lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

I believe that I don’t have a favorite web site, but I do have an addiction to some pages (that isn’t the same thing).
Those pages are Facebook and Gmail.
Facebook has become the page that I really need to visit like three times a day, because by this one I can know about my friends in all senses, emotional -not in a direct way but in the sense that if they had a good or a bad day, and other stuff-, about how they are going on in their studies or works, etc… In this page I can find all stuff like that about my friends or family… but it doesn’t mean that we don’t talk or see us in the “real life” with the closer ones because of this way of communication (that it’s one of the risks that have these pages).
The other one it’s my mail; I really don’t know why, but I do need to visit it as many times as I go on the internet. This has become a habit and also a need… besides I really don’t have much mail to see every day. I think those are that kind of things that you find you doing without a real reason, like the way you brush your teeth or the way you hold the pencil… you just find yourself doing that things in that way.
But despite this needs I see other pages like Google Earth, YouTube, My Space and Wikipedia…
(I have to admit that I feel shame of myself because of this addiction)

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